Healthcare Industry Breach Vulnerability

Healthcare Data Breach
Healthcare Data Breach
You may not have noticed because of the amount of times the news talks about breaches in the retail sector, but the healthcare industry has recently become a favourite target for cyber criminals.

Three major breaches have already occurred in the sector this year exposing the data of over 93 million customers. The largest of these breaches happened to health insurer Anthem with BlueCross BlueShield also contributing to the damage.

Hackers have been preying on the weak control systems of unsuspecting companies in the healthcare industries. Because these companies typically don’t hold customer banking information, they don’t expect to be the target of a major cyber criminal attack. However, their propensity to carry social security numbers, income data and much more makes them very attractive targets for these sophisticated hackers.

The breaches this year are yet another example of the level of care that companies who store customer data need to take in order to protect themselves. Breaches in the healthcare industry are occurring regularly and without the expertise and assistance of Caerleon, these firms leave themselves wide open to a variety of risks including regulatory fines, lawsuits and damages to company reputation.

State Department Hack described as “The worst ever”

Following what experts have described as “the worst ever” cyber attack on a federal agency, the State Department (DOS) is soliciting Playbooks from the cyber security industry. The DOS intends to use these Playbooks in order to “put in place robust policies, frameworks, and doctrines to clearly guide both [proactive] cyber operations and response to cyber-attacks”.


Importantly, this announcement is a reflection that, when implementing cyber security protocols, focus must be paid to not only the response to a cyber attack, but also to proactive preparation needed to minimize the chances and impact of such attacks. In their announcement, the DOS stated that the Playbooks will include the “strategy, policy, and standards regarding the security of and operations activities encompassing the full range of threat reduction, vulnerability reduction, deterrence, incident response, resiliency, and recovery policies and activities, including computer network operations, and information assurance, as they relate to the security and stability of the DOS’s infrastructure”.


The idea of having a Playbook that will walk clients through every aspect of preparation and response for a cyber breach is at the heart of Caerleon’s methodology. Unlike others who view preparation and response as two separate calculations, we take the approach that both operate holistically together and are required in order to properly shield our clients from risk. Without preparation and a detailed plan that illustrates what must be done before, during, and after a breach occurs, the cost of a response will increase exponentially.


This is what the Caerleon playbook and our other services provide. Contact us now for more information about our holistic approach to breach preparation and response.