Discovering Breaches Quickly

Identifying a potential breach at its earliest stages is of paramount importance. Having effective reporting protocols in place will ensure that every incident (possible breach) is properly handled.

A failure or delay in accurately reporting a potential privacy event is the number two driver in costs associated with a response – with an increase in costs of approximately 25%-50%. (Preparation is #1.)

An effective event reporting process contains:

  • A clear reporting process that is well known to all decision-makers.
  • An understanding of the types of events that should be reported.
  • The reports should go directly to a team at HQ. A system where these reports go “up-the-chain” invariably results in substantial under-reporting.
  • A process whereby an employee may report a concern anonymously.
  • Resources to allow team members to get guidance and information about privacy or security issues of all kinds.
Each organization will have its own unique culture and traditions but the goal is the same: encourage people to report a potential event and get that report to headquarters as fast as possible.