Optimize Your Defenses

optimize your defenses

Optimize Your Defenses

The most effective defense against cyber risks deploys solutions that inoculate a company from as many risks as possible. An “inoculation” prevents the risk to take hold just like a vaccine that is 100% effective in protecting us from a certain bug.

  • We have developed an 100% effective inoculation for Ransomware.
  • We are working on a highly effective inoculation for phishing risks based on AI.

For the rest of the risks the best defense is a layered defense carefully engineered to leave no holes undefended. Each layer of defense should:

  • Be constantly improving.
    • A regular update of the core intelligence is a must
    • The ability to discern new risks itself is even better. It should be self-learning
    • The self-improving aspect of each layer is critical to defense against the fast changing nature of cyber risks. Self-improving is most effectively done with AI.
  • Have many layers – at least 5 or better 6 seamlessly deployed
    • If each layer is 90% effective, a 6-layer defense will thwart 99.9999% of serious attacks, those that get by the firewall.
    • These layers should be comprised of
      • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
      • APT (Advanced Persistent Threat Management)
      • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
        • Two factor log-on
        • Strong password requirements
      • DLP (Data Loss Protection)
      • Robust encryption strategy
      • Honey pots both external as well as internal
    • ….all of which is being 24/7/365 by an advanced SOC (Security Operations Center) or it’s enhanced version: Cyber Fusion Center.
      • Large enterprises can afford to run their own SOC
      • ALL other enterprises should become members of a shared SOC.
      • Be sure that you have given your SOC – owned or shared – with authority to protect you.

Primary mistakes that are all-too-often made are:

  • Trying to do any of this in-house – unless you are Citibank, General Motors, or any other very large enterprise.
  • Since the available of shared SOC’s is plentiful, there is no excuse for even the smallest firm to not be prepared by a state-of-the-art SOC.